AI for Vending Machines.

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Platform solution that makes vendin machine smart, connected, and

data driven form maximum profitability

SECO Solutions for Vending Integrators



Computing module, touch display, and communication platforms for integration into vending machines

AI Smart


Artificial intelligence apps for maximizing revenue, predicting and scheduling preemptive maintenance, and targeting advertising

Vending Fleet Management

Clea out-of-box software running on vending machines and in the cloud to easily manage and maintain a fleet of vending machines

Clea: Intelligent platform for monitoring and maintaining your vending machine fleet

Software runs at the edge and in the cloud

Remote inventory and maintenance management

Targeted advertising based on AI apps

Cloud communications via cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Out-of-box AI-based apps that enhance revenue and operations

Add custom apps specific to your business

Runs on SECO and other vendor hardware (ARM, x86, ESPIF)

Clea Feature

Sales trend analysis and recipe suggestions

Clea shows the status of vending machine consumables, vending machine location, and recipe trends.

Smart algorithms analyze customer behavior, predict future demand, and suggest recipe modifications to increase revenue and maximize profits.

Up to


Increased revenue through smart recipes

Up to


Increased earnings with advanced revenue monitoring

Clea Feature

AI predictive maintenance

Analyzing real-time sensor data with AI predictive maintenance models, Clea identifies anomalies in the functioning of vending machines before failure occurs.

Enabling a fleet manager to remotely identify and diagnose emerging issues, Clea makes it easy to order spare parts, schedule maintenance, and streamline technical assistance procedures.

Smart predictive maintenance avoids machine down-time and expensive emergency service calls.

Up to


Performance optimization

Up to


Reduction in repair costs

Clea Feature

AI smart refill

The Clea AI smart refill app identifies vending machines that are running out of products, triggers refill orders, and suggests/schedules refill routes that optimize operations and reduce overhead.

Up to


Revenue increase with advanced refill management

Up to


Cost reduction with optimized fleet management

Connectivity system

According to your specifications we offer to you the best connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LTE, LTEM, N6B-IoT system.

Smart payment enabler

KarL4 is the new contactless payment terminal from Garz & Fricke. KarL4 is a contactless-only reader (COR).

It enables your customers to make payments for amounts up to EUR 50 in a secure and intuitive manner from their debit* card without having to enter a PIN.

KarL4 can be optionally combined with our touch display HMIs and, on request, can even be tailored to your requirements as a highly individual complete module.

Hardware Solutions

Clea-ready hardware. ARM and x86 processing. Cost optimized to high performance computing.

Single Board Computer (SBC)

Complete ARM or x86 computers with standard interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and serial. Ready to drop into a vending machine product.

Computer on Module (COM)

Off-the-shelf ARM or x86 computing modules. Mate to product-specific carrier board for machine-optimized interfaces and features.

Boxed PC Solutions

Fully certified boxed computers. Interface to displays and other peripherals for plug-and-play vending solutions.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Touchscreen displays with integrated computers. Ready for mounting in vending machines and for kiosk use.


Boxed Solutions

Value-added services

Fast time to market

From prototype to service in a few weeks

Certification support

Take product through regulatory certification such as FCC, CE, IC

System integration

Full product design and production - to meet product specific requirements

AI and Digital Signage for Vending Machines

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Discover the latest trends for cutting-edge vending machines

Understand how to choose the right technology for smart machines
Learn about AI for digital advertising and signage
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