There is a solution to every request

Retrofitting kit

Hardware solutions to intergrate to your existing vending machines

Smart solution

New smart AI vending machines ready to use

Direct integration

Clea platform directly integrated using SDK for any x86, ARM and ESP32 devices

The perfect solution to monitor and maintain your Vending Machines fleet with ease

Clea AI Dashboard

Recipe sales trend analysis

Clea shows the status of primary consumables, where vending machine is located and recipe trends.

CLEA analyses the users routine, predicting the demand and suggesting satisfying recipes.

Up to


Increasing revenue through Smart Recipes

Up to


Increase earning with Advanced Revenue monitoring

Clea AI predictive maintenance

Through real-time AI Predictive Maintenance models, Clea identifies anomalies in the functioning of the Vending Machines, allowing to avoid machine downtime.

Clea makes it easier to recognize the fault and streamlines technical assistance procedures.

Up to


Performance optimization

Up to


Reduction of the assistance’s costs

Clea AI smart refill

The Clea AI smart refill system will identify vending machines that are running out of products and suggest refill routes in order to optimize operations and reduce consumption.

Up to


Revenue Increase with advanced Refill Management

Up to


Cost reduction with optimization Fleet Management

Connectivity system

According to your specifications we offer to you the best connectivity with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LTE, LTEM, NB-IoT system.

Smart payment enabler

KarL4 is the new contactless payment terminal from Garz & Fricke. KarL4 is a contactless-only reader (COR).

It enables your customers to make payments for amounts up to EUR 50 in a secure and intuitive manner from their debit* card without having to enter a PIN.

KarL4 can be optionally combined with our touch display HMIs and, on request, can even be tailored to your requirements as a highly individual complete module.

Hardware Solutions


Boxed Solutions


Boxed Solutions

Value-added services

Fast Time to market

From prototype to service in a few weeks

Certification support

Comprehensive certification support granted by SECO

System integration

Simplified integration thanks to SECO’s extensive experience

AI and Digital Signage for Vending Machines

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