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Key features

Data Orchestration

Astarte is a framework for advanced IoT data-centric operations. 
Astarte is a full-fledged IoT middleware that provides the tools and means for orchestrating and modeling data, and handling communication between devices and the cloud.
Astarte provides a set of facilities at the Edge and in the Cloud to manage any aspect of field data and enable advanced use cases such as data reduction. Its SDKs allow integration within any edge device, including microcontroller-based systems.  
Astarte features an extensive set of APIs and integrations, to make it simple and straightforward to build applications and integrate with third-party frameworks. 

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Astarte’s architecture allows to reach impressive numbers in terms of message ingestion and consumption, especially when compared to competing monolith infrastructures, without having to compromise on any other aspect.


Data management & collection

Astarte can ingest data through native transports and through streams, making it possible to satisfy most traditional iot use cases, “retrofit” solutions for existing protocols, and even hybrid scenarios.
No matter how data is ingested, astarte allows to reconcile data through interfaces, a native concept which abstracts the underlying data model and simplifies how you organise data.

Kubernetes Integration

Kubernetes is the most popular container orchestration framework and a growing favorite among developers, devops and sysadmins.
Kubernetes brings to the table huge benefits for any Cloud application, provided either the application is designed to deeply integrate with Kubernetes, or the application is managed by an experienced Kubernetes Team.
Astarte goes one step beyond integration, taking control of the Cluster and managing all of its complexity. With dedicated tooling and components, anyone can install Astarte on a Kubernetes cluster with little to no Kubernetes experience.

Device Manager

Edgehog is the open device manager platform that allows you to easily maintain your connected embedded systems, by remotely making available all the information of your connected device and simply allowing you to update and configure your system.

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Operating System Updates

Different update campaigns can be created for each release, deciding which and how many devices must be updated in each campaign, filtering them, for example, by Models or Tags.

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