Scale your Edge AI app to millions of devices.

Process thousands of AI pipelines, with full support through the whole data journey.
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Scale your Edge AI app to millions of devices.

Process thousands of AI pipelines, with full support through the whole data journey.
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A full-fledged AI as a Service Platform for IoT

Open source

All core middleware Clea components are Open Source Software.
Contribute, connect and join our growing community.

Device lifecycle management

Clea manages OTA updates, remote debugging, blue/green app deployments and much more, with a strong focus on security.

Extensive, Scalable Data Orchestration

Clea scales to insane volumes of connected devices and exchanged messages, and allows you to configure the data journey to your liking.

Deploy AI models everywhere

Whether it’s a pre-trained model or your very own, Clea gives you the tooling to easily deploy it at the Edge or in the Cloud, seamlessly.

Clea AI Apps

Clea is all about putting your AI Models in production: break free of any developer lock-in and let Clea scale your pipelines as your load increases.

Rich, featureful APIs

Everything in Clea is API based, both at the Edge and in the Cloud: you are in full control. What will you build?

Clea Open Core

All of our middleware is free software, and always will be. Dive straight into the code on Github.
GitHub AstarteGitHub Edgehog

Clea Edge

Whether it’s an MCU, a Linux machine or something more fancy, we got you covered. And our Device SDKs cover a huge variety of programming languages - you’ll probably find your favorite, too.

Clea AI Apps

Clea è tutta incentrata sulla messa in produzione dei tuoi modelli di intelligenza artificiale: liberati da qualsiasi blocco degli sviluppatori e lascia che Clea ridimensioni le tue pipeline man mano che il carico aumenta.

API ricche e piene di funzioni

Tutto in Clea è basato su API, sia sull'Edge che nel Cloud: hai il pieno controllo. Cosa costruirai?

Open core di Clea

Tutto il nostro middleware è software gratuito e lo sarà sempre. Scopri direttamente il codice su Github.
GitHub AstarteGitHub Edgehog

Clea Edge

Che si tratti di un MCU, una macchina Linux o qualcosa di più sofisticato, ti possiamo aiutare. E i nostri Device SDK coprono un'ampia varietà di linguaggi di programmazione: probabilmente troverai anche il tuo preferito.
Built-in multitenancy

Clea manages tenancies at different levels in different ways: from complete data segregation to logical grouping. You can build your own infrastructure based on your use case, while managing even the most challenging scenarios from a single Cluster.

Scale up. Break out.

When it comes to integrating with third parties and delivering your Data, Clea gives you all the tools: from full-fledged, customizable data pipelines, to your friendly rule engine. Let Clea handle all the complexity: you can expect your data to be where you want it to be, the way you want it to be.

Built for Kubernetes

You love Kubernetes. We have something in common! Clea leverages the most popular container orchestration solution to deliver all of its features. This means you can run Clea anywhere, from public to private Clouds to on-premises infrastructure. And even on Edge devices, Clea can manage and orchestrate your containers where possible.


Discover the code of the Astarte platform directly on Github.


Discover the Edgehog code directly on Github.


To make our software work at its best, we also produce the best hardware.

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