Astarte is a full-fledged IoT middleware that provides the tools and means for orchestrating and modelling data and handling communication between devices and the cloud.​

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Astarte SaaS is our SaaS solution. Our team will deliver a solution that just works on top of our infrastracture. Just connect your devices with the information we will provide.

We can either provide you a shared environment or a dedicated instance on our infastructure that will be available on Google Cloud Platform.

This is the right solution to start with, and it is also ideal if you don’t need to run a customized version of Astarte.

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On Premises

Astarte On Premisis is the right choice if you need to run it inside of your existing infrastructure, or if you like to have a shared environment with us.

Let’s find together with our sales and technical teams a custom formula that can accommodate your requirements.

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Licensed under Apache 2.0 license.

Astarte is an Open Source IoT platform focused on Data management and processing written in Elixir. It is a turnkey solution which packs in everything you need for connecting a device fleet to a set of remote applications and processing data as it flows through a set of built-in features.

It performs data modeling, automated data reduction, real-time events, and provides you with any feature you might expect in a modern IoT platform.

Astarte builds on top of amazing Open Source projects such as RabbitMQ and Cassandra/ScyllaDB.

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