Edgehog manages the entire lifecycle of a fleet of IoT devices with granularity scaling from individual devices, to groups, to network-wide.


Key features

Device Manager

Edgehog is the open device manager platform that allows you to easily maintain your connected embedded systems, by remotely making available all the information of your connected device and simply allowing you to update and configure your system.

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Operating System Updates

Different update campaigns can be created for each release, deciding which and how many devices must be updated in each campaign, filtering them, for example, by Models or Tags.

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Docker Applications

Edgehog Apps Manager allows managing applications based on Docker Containers on the devices remotely. Deploy applications and manage operations such as Install, Start, Stop, Upload remotely, even on multiple devices simultaneously.

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Licensed under Apache 2.0 license.

Edgehog is an Open Source software focused on the management of the whole life-cycle of IoT devices, written in Elixir. It is based on Astarte, the Open Source IoT platform. It packs in convenient features such as OTA updates, device status information management, geolocation and everything you need for IoT fleet management.

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