Portal has all the base features expected of a web-based IoT front-end, including managed user access, device and data visualization, reporting, and fine-grained permissions.​


No matter the vertical market, the CLEA platform creates business-transforming value using Artificial Intelligence – boosting productivity, minimizing downtime, maximizing revenue and profit.

Industrial automation

Monitor and control industrial machinery with AI models. Offer value-added services & benefits to your customers.

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Energy management

Clea's advanced suite transforms industrial energy management, smart solar inverters, EV charging systems, smart UPS management, and BEMS. In conjunction with SECO or compatible hardware, it delivers up to 20% energy savings and seamless control through dedicated AI algorithms, positioning you at the forefront of energy innovation.

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Vending machines

Optimize your vending machine fleet with Clea's edge and cloud-based software. Enable remote inventory tracking, targeted advertising through AI apps, and seamless cloud communications via various channels. Harness out-of-box AI applications and customize your own, all compatible with SECO and other vendor hardware.

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Charging station

Simplify the management and maintenance of your charging stations with AI-driven oversight, ensuring proactive fault prevention before customers encounter issues. Enjoy remote fault correction, full control over station status, and dynamic digital signage tailored to station positioning, events, and advertising. Clea's modular, data-ready solution makes charging points smart and connected.

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Key features

Application framework

Portal's application framework allows developers to extend the front-end with custom web applications that can interact with edge devices through Astarte and Edgehog APIs.​

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Application management

Portal enables selective deployment of any extension or Edgehog application to users and integrates a billing framework that allows reselling edge or cloud applications within a subscription model.​

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